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Yael Zofi


AIM-Strategies Inc


Marc Miller is a proven thought leader in Human Resources and Technology. I know his partnership with Bob Schiff will be a great success. Everything that Marc seeks to accomplish is done with thoughtfulness and proven expertise. Clearly the discussion on HR's critical role in educating the workforce in cybersecurity is very timely now. It will be an important addition to the many HR roles and responsibilities on virtual teams across the world. And no one is better than Marc Miller in providing this essential discussion.



Nikolas De Sena


U.S. Dynamics Corporation

Miller+Schiff is the successful culmination of Bob’s expertise in cybersecurity, his vast knowledge of HR technology and his association with Marc Miller, with whom he’s been collaborating for the past 25 years. No doubt, Bob’s knowledge of cybersecurity threats/best practices to combat such threats is cutting edge-- but traces back to the late 90’s.  Well before cybersecurity was even an established concern for our nation, Bob collaborated with then-Princeton professor (who subsequently become a Deputy CTO at the US White House) on a technological solution to what he saw as an emerging cyber threat. He has been associated with numerous cybersecurity icons since that time – both in private industry and in government alike. I’m certain that Bob and Marc, each veterans in their respective fields, will make Miller+Schiff a penultimate success.

Julie Haak

Corporate Director of Human Resources


Marc has proven to be incredibly talented and well deserving of his reputation as a top thought leader in HR technology.  I have been fortunate to avail my former organizations with his consulting expertise in HR technology strategic planning.

I am so very excited to see that he and his business partner, Bob Schiff have recognized the need for HR to take a lead role in combating cyber threats to any corporation.  I am confident that with his years of HR and HR technology experence and his teaching at NYU and other universities, Marc will accomplish this important goal of helping HR add the critical responsibility for building Workforce Cyber Awareness to HR’s strategic expertise. His webinars and ability to communicate these vital topics will mean great success for Miller+Schiff.

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