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HR TECHNOLOGY Industry Icons Marc S Miller & Bob Schiff Launch Partnership to Address Employee/Insider Cyber Threat Issue;

The firm will Educate HR Executives & their Workforce on Cyber Awareness, Best Practices


NEW YORK, NY: MARC S MILLER – President and Founder of his consultancy, Marc S. Miller Associates, and Bob Schiff, Founder & CEO of cybersecurity company Cydentify Solutions, are pleased to announce the formation of a new business partnership that will address an important, unmet employee/insider cyber security need. 


Given that a company’s most vulnerable point of cyber-attack is via the workforce itself, Miller and Schiff unequivocally agree that HR executives can play a critical role in helping defend their companies against unnecessary attacks.


Their new consulting firm, which will launch as MILLER+SCHIFF PARTNERS, will focus on educating Human Resource professionals (and, in turn, their workforces) on the realities of Cyber threats, helping them gain an understanding of the myths, risks and realities of cyber threats-- and what they (in partnership with IT) can do to reduce the level of threat of future attacks by cyber hackers. Both Marc Miller and Bob Schiff will continue performing all activities associated with their current consultancies.


Through delivered webinars,  seminars, and specific consulting engagements, MILLER+SCHIFF will share their over 50 years experience in HR Management /HR Management Systems (HRMS) and Cybersecurity with mid-size companies wishing to educate their Human Resources executives and full complement of employees on:


  • Today’s Cyber threat environment/landscape, its effect on the employee population and a given company’s eventual survival.

  • The role of Human Resourcesin building and delivering “Best Cyber Practices” for its employee workforce, helping individual employees secure their own and their company’s HR (and other) data.


The HR community has already taken note:

From Ms. Julie Haak, Corporate Director of Human Resources – Neogen Corporation – Lansing, Michigan:

“I am so very excited to see that Marc Miller and his business partner, Bob Schiff have recognized the need for HR to take a lead role in combating cyber threats to any corporation.  I am confident that both Marc and Bob with their years of HR, HR Technology,  and  cybersecurity experience and Marc’s teaching at NYU and other universities, Miller+Schiff will accomplish this important goal of helping HR add the critical responsibility for building Workforce Cyber Awareness to HR’s strategic expertise.”

The MILLER+SCHIFF partnership begins operation in January 2017, and will be headquartered in New York City area.



Marc S Miller (Associates)

​​Marc S Miller and his consultancy (founded in 1983), is among the most visible Independent HR Technology Consultants specializing in HR and their use of technology (HRMS). His focus on how the function of Human Resources must leverage technology to build strategic impact in corporations has enabled him to consult with hundreds of clients in all industries.  Marc Miller is a frequent conference Keynoter, speaker, author, and blogger on HR technology  issues and the HRMS vendor community. His book “HeroicHR” now in its second edition, is considered a must have item for all levels of HR and HR Technology executives (“a small book with big ideas”. )


Marc is based in the NYC Metropolitan area and reachable through his websites: www.marcsmillerassociates and www.millerschiff.com.


​About Bob Schiff:

​Bob is a savvy business executive with a distinguished record of building, operating and leading high growth technology companies--specifically within the cybersecurity and HR arenas.  He has cultivated an extensive network of both C- suite executives and cybersecurity professionals, including those previously associated with the Department of Homeland Security, The Department of Energy and The White House.  Prior to his cybersecurity career, Bob held various executive positions at Ultimate Software, iClick, InTime Systems and other HRMS providers.  Bob has been featured on CNN and in The Wall Street Journal regarding numerous technology related topics.


Bob is based in New York City and reachable through his websites: iphish.co and millerschiff.com


For more information, please contact: marc@millerschiff.com or bob@millerschiff.com


For additional info call: 914-993-9697


Website: millerschiff.com


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iPhish Workforce Cyber Awareness testing and Miller + Schiff  partner to provide comprehensive HR education and follow-up testing to global workforces.


Marc Miller and Bob Schiff, co-founders of the Cyber Security Awareness consulting firm, Miller+Schiff (www.millerschiff.com) and Roy Bloomberg Founder of the Cyber Training  company iPhish, (www.iphish.co)  announce a meaningful strategic partnership.


Miller+Schiff focuses on the role HR must take when an organization is building best practices, policies and communications related to any cyber security threat and iPhish allows any company to outsource its Cyber Security Awareness program, and creates “fake emails” and video training as part of a concerted program of activities over the course of any timeframe and report to management the findings.


Results of the employee’s actions and metrics related to whether or not they clicked on a “fake” email or not are then compiled over time.  Programs include “fake templates” that can be driven by seasonal events – such as tax season, holiday shopping and even sporting and other pop culture events.


Miller and Schiff believe this is a perfect fit to our orientation in training Human Resources staff on their needed role in instilling Workforce Cyber Awareness, and to not stand by and let only IT and Security manage the process.


About iPhish:

With market experience spanning over 1,000 customers, iPhish offers the insight, products, professional services and partnerships to support the security efforts of organizations of all sizes across all industries.  Whether companies have 50 or 50,000 employees, iPhish offers the best solution to meet your company’s cybersecurity needs.  The iPhish team leverages over 100 years of workforce and cyber related experience and has relationships with many cybersecurity professionals in both the private and public sectors.


About Miller+Schiff Partners:

MILLER+SCHIFF PARTNERS, focuses on educating Human Resource professionals (and, in turn, their workforces) on the realities of Cyber threats, the cost, and impact on a corporation and the mindset of the organizations workforce. Human Resources in concert with IT must strive to reduce the level of threat of future attacks by cyber hackers both internally and externally. This will involve policy development, enforcement and most importantly education of the entire workforce as to their own awareness and need for effective deterring practices to safeguard their own personal data and the company’s HR data.


For more info contact:

Marc Miller: marc@millerschiff.com or 914-993-9697

Roy Bloomberg: roy@iphish.co or 917-740-7649

Website: millerschiff.com